Are Golden-Agers Doomed to Obligatory Pain?

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August 5, 2014
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September 19, 2014

Are Golden-Agers Doomed to Obligatory Pain?


Did you ever have one of those days that your age just hits you like a brick; a new pain here, that same old nagging pain there, and the feeling that it’s only going to get worse lingering always in the back of your mind?

This is aging and the aches and pains that go along with it are just par for the course. And these “old age” pains don’t discriminate between generations any longer. Twenty-somethings are now also subjected to what was common only to the elderly. But are Golden Agers doomed to obligatory pain just because of their age? We exercised and ate (mostly) what we were told was “healthy.” This must be just the way it goes.

Or is it? Could it be that what we’ve been taught by conventional medicine is actually making us sicker? If the Food Pyramid or My Plate set forth by the USDA is the healthiest way for us to eat, why are issues like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cancer, autoimmune disease and obesity in epidemic proportions? I invite you to explore with me over the next several months a different approach, a more traditional approach, to nutrition and health; one that naturally reduces chronic inflammation, encourages weight loss and can possibly reverse the irreversible.

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