It cannot be stressed enough how important good posture is to health. Whenever posture is poor, the brain expends tremendous amount of controlling and coordinating hundreds of muscle groups. In addition to a hunched back and forward stooping head, poor posture also includes a high shoulder, a rotated trunk, a high hip and a side-bent neck. Abnormal posture often results from bad postural habits, but can also be caused by trauma or repetitive movements.

There are several problems that can occur from poor posture. Joint wear and tear can be accelerated due to uneven weight distribution. Interference with proper ribcage expansion can cause difficulty in breathing, resulting in fatigue and other symptoms. Muscle soreness may also occur along the neck shoulders and upper back, particularly with a forward head stoop. Lower back pain can also occur as the spine exerts itself to counterbalance the head’s forward position.

Treatment at the Wellness Institute of Nevada for poor posture may include posture-correction chiropractic adjustments and targeted exercises.