Massage Therapy

In addition to being licensed as a Chiropractic Office, Wellness Institute of Nevada is also licensed as a Massage Establishment. As such, our Massage Therapists are available for both those needing therapeutic massage in conjunction with chiropractic care, and for those who are just simply seeking relaxation and relief from stress. Our professional and experienced Massage Therapists are here for you. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

Massage Therapy

massage therapyThe Wellness Institute of Nevada offers therapeutic massages. Our massage therapy is available for a variety of conditions, including neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, wrist and hand pain/fatigue, and relaxation and stress reduction. As with all services provided through the Wellness Institute of Nevada, our massage therapy clients can expect professional, prompt and courteous service.

Appointments for massage therapy can be made up to three weeks in advance, and are always based upon the therapists’ availability. Appointments are recommended, but open times may be available on any given day. If a client wishes to have a walk-in appointment, we highly recommend calling the office beforehand to ensure availability before travel.

The Wellness Institute of Nevada understands that sometimes appointments must be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. However, due to the limited availability of time for massages, if a client misses an appointment or cancels within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, the Wellness Institute of Nevada reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to charge the client the full amount of the massage requested.

First time massage therapy clients should arrive several minutes before their scheduled appointment to complete a health history form. Always let the therapist know if you have any health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, history of strokes, tumors, or are pregnant.

If a client arrives late for his or her appointment, the massage may be shortened accordingly if there is a massage scheduled immediately afterwards, and a reduction in the amount charged will not be provided.

The Wellness Institute of Nevada reserves the right to refuse massage services to anyone. Any client wishing to receive massage therapy must have generally clean hygiene and must be a candidate for receiving massage therapy.

Rates for massage:

90 minutes – $120.00
1 hour – $85.00
½ hour – $50.00

*Massage packages available – buy 5 and get one free!
**Tipping for massage is at client’s discretion and is always appreciated.

Techniques Offered

One of the oldest healing arts in the world is massage. While viewed by some as a luxury, massage has been used increasingly for therapeutic purposes. Many massage techniques exist, but each has the common goals of: easing pain and muscle tension; simulating blood and lymph circulation; and improving range of motion.

There are four types of massage offered: Swedish, deep tissue, sports and prenatal. Each has various advantages, and often two or more are incorporated into a single massage session.

Massage License No. 2010301824