Each day, millions of Americans experience headaches. While some causes require immediate medical attention, most are categorized as either migraine headaches or tension headaches.

Migraines are generally more severe than tension headaches, and generally affect women more than men. A migraine headache is often preceded by what is referred to as an “aura.” This aura may cause altered vision and hearing. Migraine headaches may be triggered by certain environmental stimuli, and often are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light.

Tension headaches usually are of shorter duration and generally involve a tightening band around the head and base of the neck. Some studies have suggested that they are related to cervical spine structural abnormalities. If vertebrae are not in alignment, they can cause mild pressure on certain nerve roots which branch out from between the cervical vertebrae, causing increased muscle contraction around the head, jaw and neck.

If, after examination, it is determined that treatment at the Wellness Institute of Nevada is appropriate, treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, exercises and electrical stimulation.