Financial Policies

Financial Policies of The Wellness Institute of Nevada

Payment is Due at the Time of Service

The Wellness Institute of Nevada accepts cash, major credit cards, debit cards and personal checks (with valid driver’s license).
Current Rates for Services are available upon request.

If Health Insurance is Used

Your coverage must be verified BEFORE you arrive for your first appointment. The Wellness Institute of Nevada will check your coverage for you if you allow at least one day. HOWEVER, it is ULTIMATELY your responsibility to know what your plan covers.

If your insurance coverage is not verified at the time of arrival for your first appointment, you may be required to pay for your initial visit out of pocket. The Wellness Institute of Nevada will, upon request, print out a statement that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. If your treatment requires additional visits and it is determined later that you do have some chiropractic coverage, you may choose to have your initial payment applied to your co-pays for those future visits.

VERIFICATION OF INSURANCE IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF COVERAGE: Your insurance provider may tell us or you that you have chiropractic coverage, but other factors (such as incorrect information provided, deductibles not having been met, lapse in coverage, and non-covered procedures) may influence actual reimbursement to the Wellness Institute of Nevada. YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for any balance remaining after insurance payments are applied to your account.

If You Do Not Have Health Insurance or Your Health Insurance Does Not Provide Chiropractic Care

If you do not have health insurance or your health insurance does not cover chiropractic care, there are still affordable options for you. By law, Wellness Institute of Nevada cannot have a dual rate schedule, which means charging one rate for insurance, personal injury liens, etc. and another rate for cash paying Patients. As such, if you choose to be a cash paying patient, you will be charged the same amount as all others at our usual and customary rates. Our fee schedule is always available upon request.

HOWEVER, Wellness Institute of Nevada is contracted with some Discount Medical Plans (not insurance), such as ChiroHealthUSA. If you join ChiroHealthUSA (we can sign you up at our office), you and your immediate dependents will be able to take full advantage of our contracted discounted rates with them. Our discounted rates with ChiroHealthUSA are 50% off our usual and customary fees, with a maximum cap of $65 ($50 for your dependents) on your first visit and $40 on every subsequent ordinary office visit. The cost of joining ChiroHealthUSA is only $49 a year and covers both you and your dependents.

Treatment Related to a Recent Car Accident or Other Personal Injury

In the event of an automobile accident, your primary insurance is your (or the owner/driver of the automobile you were in) automobile insurance Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay), if it is available. Note that most group health plans do not cover auto accident related medical treatment if Med Pay is available. Med Pay will cover 100% of any necessary medical care (up to the policy limit). If Med Pay relates to your situation, please provide the Wellness Institute of Nevada with your auto policy’s information, including:

  • Claim number
  • Date of accident
  • Claims adjustor’s phone number and extension so that coverage can be verified

Note: If you were not at fault, using your Med Pay coverage will not cause your insurance premiums to go up.

If you are seeking treatment related to an automobile accident or other personal injury and you have been told that a Third Party Insurer (the at-fault party’s liability insurance) will pay for your medical care, your are still required to pay for the services AT THE TIME OF SERVICE unless you provide the Wellness Institute of Nevada with a verified Med Pay policy (see above paragraph). The Wellness Institute of Nevada DOES NOT bill Third Party Insurance. After payment by you, upon request, we will provide a statement of your account for your use in getting reimbursed by the Third Party Insurance.

At its sole and absolute discretion, the Wellness Institute of Nevada may agree to treat you on a personal injury attorney lien. If this is agreed to, payment will not be due until your case settles, and your medical bills will be made out of your award. This requires that you have or obtain a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney who meets the approval of the Wellness Institute of Nevada.

Workers’ Compensation

If your condition is a Workers’ Compensation case, pre-authorization is needed. You must file a claim through your employer, then provide the Wellness Institute of Nevada with the claim number, date of injury, and claims adjustor’s phone number and extension. Generally, treatment must be authorized in writing by the claims adjustor prior to the start of treatment.